The sight of that altogether perfect bloom on a rose. The clean pine smell of the rosemary bush in a breeze around the side of the house. The baby toddling those first precious steps. The addict who has been free for 365 days. The young brilliant doctor charging his way into the beginning of an astonishing career. The young boy’s brain firing synapses faster than I can know. The writer constructing meaning from the flooding of spinning ideas. Things that flourish. Apparent and positive growth. Fearless. Free.


I had a custom giving key bracelet made to remind me that I am to thrive daily regardless of what is going on inside me and in my reality. To me it is akin to the idea or calling to choose joy over circumstances. I wear it most days and it encourages me to rise up and above anything that would keep me from doing so.

Thrive: to grow, develop, or be successful.

This word ‘thrive’ has driven me for many months now…the idea of meeting our fullest potential and finding our place, fulfilling one’s unique and perfectly good purpose. I find that to listen and understand a calling is the ultimate. To live free with all of the things God wants for us (already has for us) has been the idea that keeps me moving forward.

How it must please Him to see his beloved thrive. To watch as we finally decide to step up and claim what He has for us after so much time of complacency and fear. For so many seasons I have ignored the joy that exists all around me and suppressed the small still voice inside. I scurry around, without breaking a visible sweat (because that would be too obvious to others) in order to not have to take a deep breath and be present.

But think about how pleasing is it to see what you love thrive? When I sit back and witness my husband’s true brilliance, my heart dances. And when I see that same brilliance budding in my oldest son, I cannot contain the elation and pride. When my littlest love dances showing us his free spirit and energy, I am simply overcome with happiness. Being a witness to my loves reaching their greatest heights and potential is one of my life’s greatest gifts.

Imagine the heart of God when we thrive. What must He feel when He sees us living and embracing the fullness He so lovingly gives to us. When we engage with our gifts and do the work, He is pleased. Two things: 1.) I know how my soul sings when I feel this and 2.) I also know that the love of the Father is incomprehensible… so maybe learning to thrive is important. Maybe we should walk in what He has given us and cultivate it…stir it up. A heart that desires to please Him should fly, not bury itself in the dirt.



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