Find Your People and Celebrate Medicine


This post originally appeared on the CMDA Atlanta blog:

I am the proud spouse of a physician. I absolutely love my husband’s discipline, drive, intellect, and servant’s heart, all the attributes that so many physicians embody. His ambition and brilliance were a primary reason why I fell completely in love with him. We were married during our undergraduate years. So, I’ve had a front row seat journeying the unyielding road of pre-med, medical school, and now the end of residency. It has been an incredible story full of joy, pain, sacrifice, grace, victories, and realizations. We have moved cities and become a family of four with the birth of two sons. These relentless years, that sometimes felt like we were standing still as we would begin year after year of training, have given me clear and realistic expectations of what our life will look like in the future. The calling of medicine is one that is full of hard work and sacrifice; there is no doubt about that. It is a life of service.

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