Take Heart


When I think about great fathers, I immediately pause and give thanks to God because I get to experience the privilege of raising my own sons with the greatest father I know, my husband. Watching him with my sons is one of the most beautiful things in my life wherein I see God’s glory and love displayed. My husband’s relentless devotion for our children and myself never ceases to awe me. Too often I take him for granted, and I want to take this opportunity to honor the truly amazing father and man that he is.

The world is a broken place full of broken people. We all struggle to fight for joy and find peace. Some people relentlessly work to fix wounded relationships and some people chose to walk away. Some strive for acceptance while others prefer to pride themselves in being an island, never needing anything from anyone. Some let fear and resentment turn into driving hatred and some are swallowed up by grief. My point is, simply, that we all experience pain, rejection, and tragedy. This is a fact and we are all a desperate people who are nothing without redemption from God.

*This post originally appeared on Encouraging Dads Project. Finish reading here.


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